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Kyoto Voluntary Cancellation unavailable

The Register is currently unavailable for Kyoto Voluntary Cancellation transactions. We do not have an estimate of when these transactions will be available. We apologise for any inconvenience.

How to get a new migration code to access the NZETR

All the migration codes we sent to let people transfer to the new register have now expired.

If you didn't use yours in time, you'll have to contact us on 0800 CLIMATE (0800 254 628) to get a new one emailed to you. When you call, select Option 2, and be prepared to answer some security questions to confirm your identity.

Login as an 'existing user' if you were a user of the old register, the New Zealand Emissions Unit Register

To login, go to www.emissionsregister.govt.nz and click on the RealMe login field.

You will have two options from this window:

  1. login as an existing RealMe user if you already have a RealMe login
  2. Or 'create a RealMe login' if you haven't signed up for RealMe yet.

When you've logged in using RealMe, you'll be taken to a new page to enter a few details to link your RealMe identity to your NZETR account.

  • You must login as an existing user. To do this: Enter your new migration code.
  • Enter the telephone number you listed for your NZEUR account. Don't put in any dashes or spaces for your phone number, just the digits.

Note: Ignore the section for new users – this is for people who weren't users of the NZEUR (the old Register).

Enjoy the new register

When you've done this, you should have access to all your details. Take a moment to check everything works for you.

Now you've logged in successfully with your new migration code, in future you'll only need your RealMe login.

Take a 3-minute tour of the new register

We've created a video to help you see how the new register will work for you.

It shows you how to login, and navigate through to do different tasks.

Link https://vimeo.com/179691351

Use the guides to help you navigate

We've written three guides to help make it easy for you to use the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register.

The NZETR has been designed to be intuitive, and guide people through the different tasks they need or want to do to take part in the Emissions Trading Scheme.

If you get stuck, or want to have a little more information, the guides can help you.

Check your browser

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Register will work best with the latest version of the following browsers: