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Update on account opening requests

Due to a significant increase in demand for new accounts in the Register the processing of new applications is taking longer than normal. You will receive a system generated email once the account is opened, or if further information is required as part of the application we will contact you directly about this. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any concerns, or if your account has not been approved within 5 working days of your applications submission please contact us on 0800 254628, option 2.

Industrial Allocation applications are due Monday 2 May.

Key changes you need to know about

  • New penalties have been introduced that may have significant financial consequences if you fail to submit adjustments to any provisional allocation application, by the due date, or if you provide incorrect information on your allocation application or adjustment.
  • Information about certain penalties incurred as a result of non-compliance, will be published after 30 June.
  • If you are due to receive units through an industrial allocation, and you have an outstanding obligation (to surrender or repay units), then this obligation will be automatically deducted from the units you are entitled to receive.
If you have any questions, please contact us at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz

Helpful links to more information
Guidance on IA applications
Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Act 2020
Read about the ETS changes on the EPA website


Industrial Allocations – obligations if you have stopped carrying out your activity.

If you stopped carrying out the activity, you’re required to inform the EPA. You’ll need to complete a Closing Allocation Adjustment to ‘square up’ your entitlement. You’ll also need to repay any units that are owed.

A Closing Allocation Adjustment and the repayment of any units must be completed within 20 working days from the date you stopped carrying out the activity. Failure to do so could result in significant penalties.

If you are unsure how this applies to you, please contact us at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz.

Surrenders due 31 May for Mandatory ETS Participants

With the recent completion of the 2021 Annual Emissions Return reporting period, surrenders from these obligations are due 31 May 2022. You need to ensure you have up-to-date Account Operators who can perform this action by the due date. A reminder that the Fixed Price Option (FPO) is not available to satisfy these obligations. Penalties will also be imposed if obligations are not met by this date. You can find more information about penalties here.

We have updated our Privacy statement

Please take a few minutes to read our updated Privacy statement especially if you are considering participating in the upcoming ETS auctions.

Should you make an application for auctioning, your identifying information, including your identity as an account holder and information that corresponds with that included in your auctioning application, will be disclosed to NZX Ltd for the purpose of verifying that this information aligns with the corresponding information submitted to NZX Ltd as part of the auction application process. This information will be disclosed to NZX for verification before each auction. If you are an account operator, your identity will be disclosed. If the information does not align, NZX Ltd will inform us of the discrepancies and your application may be declined. Please let us or NZX Ltd know if you do not wish to continue to participate in auctions so we can stop sharing this information.

Do you need to surrender or repay units?

If you are going to use the Fixed Price option (FPO), you should be aware changes have been made to how this is applied. Guidance is available on the EPA website here. Please contact the EPA at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz if you have further questions about using this option.

ETS security reminder

Your ETS register account should always remain secure. If you suspect that someone else knows your username or password, contact the EPA immediately and change your password.

Here’s some quick tips to keep your account secure

  • We recommend you regularly review your account to ensure the correct Account Operators, who are people who can do transactions, remain up-to-date (you can check this through the Register Public Reports)
  • If we ever phone you, we will always identify ourselves as from the EPA.
  • All EPA emails will come from an @epa.govt.nz email, or @emissionsregister.govt.nz address.
  • System generated emails do not contain any links for you to click on.
  • EPA staff will never ask you for your login details.
  • If you are unsure about the validity of any calls you receive regarding your NZETR Account you should hang up and call back on 0800 Climate (0800 254 628), Overseas callers:+64 3 962 27 08 (normal phone charges apply)

Keeping your login details safe

The sharing of usernames and passwords to allow people to access accounts would be considered a breach of the terms and conditions of use of the Register and in that case we may then refuse access to, or suspend access to, the NZ Emissions Trading Register without prior warning.
The Registrar takes the security and integrity of the NZ Emissions Trading Register extremely seriously and therefore cannot condone the sharing of login information under any circumstances. The Registrar also has a responsibility to the International community and would be in breach of the operational guidelines set out by the International Transaction Log of the UNFCCC.